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New Year Sermon Series

New Year Sermon Series

We are starting this new year off by seeking God first. Our next sermon series begins this Sunday. It’s called “Discern: Discovering your Deep Purpose.” For many of us, this pandemic has rocked our boat and set us loose from our moorings. The familiar things that anchored us have been left behind and we are left to navigate a sea of chaotic winds and waves. Pre-modern sailors used the stars to guide them on the ocean. They had to discern the patterns of the stars and decide which direction to go.

We too must discern God’s will in order to know the right path.

But what if I don’t believe in God?
How do I know if God is speaking to me vs. my own conscience talking?
How do I really find God’s will?

We’ll ask and answer all these questions and more. The word Discern is going to be a guiding word for us this year, so I’m looking forward to setting up a foundation on which to build for the rest of 2021.