As faithful servants of Christ and active stewards of the world in which we live, we at First Church are called to share our blessings for the greater good. Our annual stewardship campaign supports the many ministries and missions of our church—from dynamic worship to transformative youth programs, from engaging adult education to generous service, and more.

When people speak of First Church as our “home,” it is more than a figure of speech—because at its best, a home is a place where we are nurtured and given opportunities to grow, where we are equipped to serve the world more fully. We are asked to consider our giving in light of our relationship to God and to this, our spiritual home. Indeed, our pledges are an offering to the God who is our home, the one who has been our dwelling place in all generations. This beloved church is worthy of our generous support.

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The outpouring reminds us that we must reach out and know the heart of God so we can then reach out and touch the hearts of people.


Sunday, December 6th is Commitment Sunday. It is the day that we collect pledges signifying and solidifying your commitment to this church. There are three ways we would ask you to participate in this year’s Stewardship Campaign to help make an impact on our community.

  • PRAY for our church
  • PARTICIPATE in church programs and activities
  • GIVE of the financial blessings you have received from God.

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Stewardship Sermon Series

Celebrating God’s Abundant Goodness

Blessings Multiplied

The Problem with Entitlement

Do Not Be Afraid


Over the following four weeks, we focused on some of our current ministries.  You will be surprised and delighted at the difference that your gifts are making for the less fortunate of The Colony.  We are doing great works in God’s name and the recipients of our ministries want to tell you “Thanks!” and to bless you as you have blessed them.


Mission: New Hope Learning Center[/one_half]

Mission: Kids Eat Free & Food Pantry[/one_half][/columns]
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Services: Funeral & Wedding[/one_half]

Mission: Citizenship Classes[/one_half][/columns]

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