Explorers Sunday School

Sunday Mornings at 9:45 AM

One of the best ways to raise a child who is more likely to treat others with respect, are those involved in church activities, especially Sunday school. Children who learn they are loved by God and they are to love one another, understand that everyone is important!

Children who participate in Sunday morning classes learn to use a Bible, and that the Bible is full of good stories that tell us about ourselves (humanity) and our relationship with a God that loves us so much that he gave his son, Jesus, to have a relationship with all of us.

God’s grace, an important component of Methodism, gives us hope even in the worst of times. This value is important to children and teens who are growing up in an increasingly secular world.

What We Do Each Sunday

We use a curriculum called, “Grow, Proclaim, Serve!” It combines storytellinghands-on craftsgames and songs designed to provide unique faith formation for each child.

What We Learn

  • To Have Fun!
  • To Respect Each Other
  • To Serve Others
  • To Be Joyful Always
  • About God, Jesus And The Holy Spirit!

Other Activities: