Stop and think for just a few moments: list three blessings in your life right now. Go ahead … yes, right now. Got ‘em? Great! Often it is so much easier for us to count our problems than our blessings.

2016 SERIES: “Count Your Blessings: The Power of Gratitude”
DATES: 4 Sundays: 10/2, 10/9, 10/16, 10/23 (Gratitude Sunday)

Over the next four weeks, we will be focusing on gratitude as a way of life for people of faith. It is so easy to take the blessings in our lives for granted. This series will remind all of us to be aware of our blessings. To that end, you will receive a “gratitude journal” each Sunday. Please use it to list at least three blessings each day. Don’t only look for the big, special blessings, but also be aware of the little blessings God puts in our lives.

Sunday, October 23rd

Gratitude Sunday Worship – 8:30am & 11am
Thank You Luncheon – 12:30pm

All who are ready will share the opportunity to make personal commitments of giving for 2017. We will be consecrating these commitments in the worship services. Out of gratitude to you, the Finance and Stewardship committees invite all to stay for lunch after.

We pray that the Holy Spirit moves you in gratitude to give back to God’s church and in turn be a blessing to others.


  • Encourage congregants to actively seek out and identify blessings in their lives that may well be taken for granted
  • Promote gratitude as a way of life for people of faith
  • Teach the basic life principles of “Give, Save, Live”