Where Play Is A Child’s Work

In today’s trying economic times, child care expenses can consume so much of a family’s budget that sometimes it seems parents are putting in the hours at work just to pay for day care. The mission of New Hope Learning Center is to provide low-cost licensed day care for children of low-income families. The program aims to provide a loving, nurturing environment where children are encouraged to develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, academically, and physically at their own pace.

New Hope is open from 6:30AM to 6PM Monday through Friday year-round. The program provides care for children from 6 weeks to 4 years old. The program is funded in part by tuition payments, grants, donations, and Texas Workforce’s Child Care Services. Families must qualify based on need and income level.

We are blessed to have 31 children enrolled in our daycare serving 24 families. At this time we have reached our maximum capacity but are hoping to add more children at a later time. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please contact Mary Saye or Diane Brown at 972-625-2459 or email.

First United Methodist Church The Colony and Christian Community Action (CCA) have partnered to provide this community service. Contact CCA for more information and to enroll.

What we really need are more volunteers!

The success of New Hope depends on the commitment of volunteers. The program welcomes individuals age 14 and up, generally in two-hour shifts, beginning at 8AM. Time spent volunteering at the learning center counts toward service hours for middle or high school students. All volunteers are screened before working.

With the volunteers we now have, it is hard to tell who is having the most fun — volunteers or children?

If you are interested in volunteering in this very special ministry please call the New Hope office at 972-625-2459. You’ll be glad you did!