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Not A Fan: Wherever, Whenever, Whatever


In this final sermon of the series we open our Bibles and seek to find the answer of; “what does a Follower look like?” What does the Bible tell us are the characteristics and telltale signs of someone who is indeed a follower of Jesus and not just a fan? You may be surprised by […]

Not A Fan: An Everyday Death


  Our apologies!  No recordings were available for this date. Scripture Reference Luke 9: 23-26   Schedule 2/22 – “Are You a Follower or a Fan?” 3/1 – “Do You Know Jesus, or Just Know About Jesus?” 3/8 – “Do You Follow Jesus or Follow the Rules?” 3/15 – “An Everyday Death” 3/22 – “Wherever, Whenever, Whatever”  

Not A Fan: Do You Follow Jesus or Follow the Rules?


This sermon has us focusing on the truth that fans of Jesus can also become rabid fans who take up their whistle and their stripped uniform and their yellow flags and go through life tracking how everyone is doing with the rules. In the Bible we call them Pharisees and Teachers of the Law. Today, […]

Not A Fan: Are You a Follower or a Fan?


This sermon kicks off our new series on all of us getting honest with ourselves regarding our personal relationship with Jesus. We look closely at our own spiritual life and whether or not we are just fans of Jesus (Enthusiastic Admirers) or real followers? This is a great start to this series of sermons as […]