First Church The Colony’s Concert Series concerts are audience friendly and provide verbal commentary about the music being performed. The musicians themselves even address the audience, creating a more intimate atmosphere in which school-aged children and adults alike can become better acquainted with great music. Interested in participating in our choir or orchestra? Tell us a little about yourself.  Visit our Music & Arts Ministry page for more on how and where you can serve.

2017 Season

Huntley Brown

When: Sunday, February 12th, 6:30 PM

Huntley’s music has been described as inspired, anointed, powerful, and explosive. He has recorded many CD’s that cover a wide range of musical styles. People are not only impressed with his incredible technique; they are touched by his deep love for Jesus. As one friend has said, “Huntley plays as if God is whispering in his ears.

Jacob Johnson

When: Sunday, April 30th, 6:30 PM

Mr. Johnson performs on an 8-course renaissance lute in G built by Mel Wong in San Francisco. The instrument is based on a series of lutes made circa 1599 in Padova, Italy by a German luthier from Tieffenbruck.

Messiah Sing-Along

When: Sunday, December 3rd, 7:00 PM

Tish Davenport, the Chancel Choir, and guest Soloists offer a community “sing-along” of Handel’s Messiah. Soloists and instrumentalists join to enrich your enjoyment of the evening.

This sing-along is founded on a principle of openness – everyone is welcome in the choir, and everyone is welcome in the performance. As an audience member you are not required to sing, but you are certainly invited to sing. The Messiah Sing-Along is sure to be one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling holiday experiences in The Colony. Come lend your voices in praise of God!

Messiah Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the event last? An hour to an hour and a half, most likely. We will only sing Part I and we will end with the Hallelujah Chorus.

When do the doors to the Sanctuary open? Around 6:30pm (30 minutes prior to the event)

How much does it cost? This event is free! That being said, we never turn away much needed donations to our Concert Series and Music Ministry to help fund programs such as this one in the future. Offering envelopes will be available for those that feel moved to make a monetary donation.

Do I need to bring my own music? We will have a few copies of the score available at the door. However, it’s best if you bring your own. We will use the Schirmer’s edition, but most other editions are close enough to be completely useful.

Where can I get a score of my own? There is a Pender’s in the Denton area which could order a copy of the score for you.  Order a copy online —, etc. No time to find and buy a score??? Click here to print some or all of the choruses on your own printer or send to a place like Kinko’s for printing.

Is this event appropriate for children? It depends upon how precocious the child is. In general, most young children might find the concert to be very grown-up in nature and therefore boring after a few minutes of music.

Will there be childcare for my infant or very young child?  If you would like to request childcare, you must make a reservation no later than Wednesday, December 2nd at 3pm. Please contact us to make a reservation; include the name and age of each child, your name and contact information.

Are people required to sing? No, not at all. Singing is optional. Thus, if you come with a friend and one of you wants to sing and the other one does not, that is just fine. You can come and simply listen.

Is there reserved seating? Not really. All seating is unassigned, and is therefore “general” in a sense. However, we do set aside a few rows in the front of the main-floor level which are segregated by voice-range (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass.) After that, the rest of the church is open seating and people can sit wherever they like in whatever grouping they care to make.

Does the audience sing-along on every piece? No, just on the choral parts. The arias and the recitatives are sung by soloists.

May I bring a musical instrument and play along with the orchestra? The orchestra will not have room for joiners, however, if you are interested in playing in our Chamber Orchestra for this or other concerts please contact us.

How can I learn the choruses? Recordings of the Messiah are often available on and the Boulder Messiah Community Sing a Long provides an online MP3 practice library which is very helpful with part-dominant practice. The specific choruses that you will be singing include:

And the Glory of the Lord (p. 16)*
And He Shall Purify (p. 36)
O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings (p. 54)
For Unto Us a Child Is Born (p. 66)
Glory to God (p. 82)
His Yoke Is Easy (p. 98)
Hallelujah! (p. 193)

*All page numbers are taken from the G. Schirmer Edition

Christmas Concert featuring Ko Eun Jeoung

When: Friday, December 15th, 7:00 PM

Sparkling arrangements of your favorite Christmas pieces – a concert not to be missed!

Please see our Advent musical events for December.